Masque de détente Graines de lin bio & huiles essentielles de Les Décousues

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Masque de détente Graines de lin bio & huiles essentielles de Les Décousues


This mask is designed to give you real moments of relaxation, pleasant naps, gentle journeys, moments of intense meditation, etc. and allows you to do it in style thanks to its unique design.
The natural virtues of organic flax seeds combine with those of essential oils to allow you optimal rest, even for short periods of time. The shape of this small relaxation pillow will adapt perfectly to the shape of your face, blocking all the light and will not move thanks to its elastic.
It also creates soothing pressure on the acupressure points around the eyes (over a dozen) which will relieve you and calm your facial muscles.
With this relaxation and sleep mask, no more bags under the eyes when you wake up, no more uncomfortable and too bright naps at the office, no more difficult awakenings, no more heat migraines and small wrinkles!
Indulging in small moments of quality relaxation means offering yourself efficient and pleasant days.
✗ How does it work? ✗
⊣ At room temperature ⊢
Handle the mask to evenly distribute the seeds and put it on for a micro-nap or for the night!
⊣ Cold ⊢
Place the mask in the refrigerator (30 minutes) or in the freezer (5-10 minutes), in an airtight bag (with zip for example). Knead it for a few seconds to distribute the freshness, then enjoy a refreshing relaxation on days of migraines, eye strain or hot weather.
⊣ Hot ⊢
Slip your mask for 10 seconds in the microwave, knead it for a few seconds to distribute the heat then place it lukewarm on your face to relax your muscles and your eyes, before setting out again to conquer the day.
✗ Maintenance ✗
Store in a dry place.
Wash only the surface and by hand, only on stains, do not soak the mask.
Then dab off the excess moisture with a dry cloth, finally allow to air dry.
** Do not machine wash & do not tumble dry **

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