Exfoliating and relaxing body scrub with 100% natural Rose Lake salt from Les Jardins D’Aïssa

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Exfoliating and relaxing body scrub with 100% natural Rose Lake salt from Les Jardins D’Aïssa


Your skin is dull, lacking elasticity?
The organic exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub from Aissa’s gardens is the ideal companion to regain soft, radiant and toned skin.

• Composed of quality ingredients such as:
Pink lake salt (its real name Lake Retba famous for the pink color of its water which is a real treasure to exfoliate the skin. It contains more than 350 g of salt per liter against about 275 g for the Dead Sea for example.e).
Pink Himalayan salt that maintains skin hydration and relieves skin problems
Cranberry vegetable oil(cranberry. Containing a high level of antioxidants including vitamins E, Ocotrenols and Tocopherols, which protect the skin from external aggressions..
Alfalfa powder (Alfalfa ideal for detoxifying the skin. Thanks to its high content of minerals and vitamin K essential for our well-being, it also contains precious molecules called galactomannans which act on the synthesis of collagen in the skin.au.
Hibiscus powder. A natural treasure from Africa. Its high sugar content provides a moisturizing action on the epidermis. Ideal for getting rid of dead skin while stimulating the production of collagen, this powder gives better elasticity to your skin as well as a radiant and rosy complexion.
Sakura essential oil (Japanese cherry blossom for a relaxing moment of relaxation thanks to its bewitching fragrance.
But also Argan oil, Borage, Calendula, Apricot kernel powder and Coconut sugar produced more environmentally friendly than refined white sugar which provide vitamins and minerals to your skin.u.
If you want a new skin with quality care, this unique scrub is for you!
This treatment is 100 natural and 97 ingredients are from organic farming.e.

• Usage tips:
Stir and apply with the help of the wooden spoon on damp skin and rub.
You can use an African bath net (Djampé) available on our eshop in addition to the scrub for more efficiency..
To keep your skin always soft, we advise you to use the scrub twice a week. If you have dry, thin skin, only one scrub per week is needed.).
You can also use this scrub in preparation for the skin for tanning.
You have the possibility to end your ritual withour damask rose water, by spraying it directly on your body brings a tightening effect and tightens the pores of the skin.).
To be used from 10 years old and not recommended for pregnant women.

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