Tibetan Singing Bowl within a small box – Peter & Clo

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Tibetan Singing Bowl within a small box – Peter & Clo


Singing bowls can be struck by hitting or rubbing them.
The simplest way is to hit the bowl like a gong. For this we can use a mallet covered with felt. This method allows you to mute the sound of the impact and get a very pure sound.

The other way is to rub the outer edge of the bowl with a hardwood stick.
The bowl is placed on the palm or on the fingertips of the left hand. The stick is firmly held in the right hand. The circular motion on the edge of the bowl should be regular and relatively slow, the pressure of the stick supported.
With a little training, a singing sound, rich in harmonics will rise, transmitting its waves to the whole body through the left hand.

If we stop the friction, the sound will gradually disappear, but the vibration will persist for a few more minutes.

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