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When we talk about face care, the first things that come to mind are cleansing and moisturising. Sometimes you also think about scrubs and masks, but do you know that there’s much more to face care than that?

The world of well-being offers a wide selection of very effective techniques which can give your face a gorgeous new glow while you get the most amazing relaxation!

Talented and highly skilled experts with techniques that go beyond the usual facial treatment

  • Benefits

Most of us are familiar with the purifying, cleansing, moisturising and anti-ageing benefits of common face care products. There are many specialised techniques which go beyond that, offering a whole new radiance to your skin, considerably reducing wrinkles and giving your face the plumpy effect you are after.

  •  Expert face massage with the famous French facialist Delphine Langlois

Delphine is THE French face expert. After working for 13 years at the prestigious George V Spa in Paris, creating bespoke expert treatments, Delphine took on a new challenge and trained with experts all around the world to gain further in-depth expertise and learn specialised techniques such as anti-ageing face massage, Jacquet Pinching®, the Kodibo® technique by Japanese Master Shogo Moshiuzuki and the Buccal Massage® by Dr. Yakov Gershkovich.

Delphine truly is passionate about beauty and well-being, and has a comprehensive expertise on natural face-lift using sophisticated rejuvenating massage techniques.

Many men and women and even celebrities looking for a unique treatment tailored to their face type and shape trust Delphine’s expertise. Why not you?

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  • FaceGym, the face workout by pioneer Inge Theron

FaceGym is a brand founded by British Inge Theron in 2016.

While travelling on a six-month journey around the world, including some time in India, Inge discovered the benefits of massage and spa. She later became a spa consultant, working for spas around the world, and writer of the Chronicles of a Spa Junkie for the Financial Times.

Unfortunately, 3 years later, falling into the trap of ‘never enough’, Inge became obsessed with wrinkles, getting injection after injection, until she crossed the line and ended up with a badly damaged face at age 37.She spent some time in an ashram in Mexico, benefiting from Inca traditional face treatments, several times a day, hoping to get her original face back and got amazed by the results. She found out that your face is just as ‘workable’ as the rest of your body is; you can sculpt your face muscles and tone-up.

That’s how the idea of creating a face workout was born, using the same steps as a body workout; warm up, cardio, modelling and relaxation. The results are simply astounding, leaving your skin plumped-up and rehydrated!
Inge now has about a dozen studios across the world (London, New York, Los Angeles), and her concept has proven successful, even convincing many celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Adriana Lima.

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  • The new Glow technique

No doubt these unique techniques will inspire many entrepreneurial souls to create their own Glow Studio, like these new Parisian brands have done, Aimee and Seasonly.

Aime – Glow Studio:

Seasonly – Skin Studio:



  • Benefits

Facial self-massage has travelled the world and centuries, from Japanese ancient traditions to Middle Eastern body-care routines, and still offers the same well-being benefits it always has, showing an almost immediate effect on your skin radiance. All well-being experts highly recommend it.
Face self-massage enhances your basic skincare product efficiency by improving its absorption, and goes beyond that by relieving tension (mostly eyes area, temples and jaw) and stimulating both blood and lymph micro-circulation, giving your skin an immediate revitalised radiance.
Learning self-massage helps you get to know and love your body better. This way, you better apprehend the signs of ageing and can use soft non-invasive techniques to gently embrace your well-ageing journey.

  • • The How To Spa technique, by Fabienne Crocq

Looking for easy efficient self-massage techniques? Try our online tutorials and videos, designed with our in-house spa expert Fabienne Crocq.

Free tutorials (booklets) gratuits à lire ici :

Free trial face self-massage tutorial (video) gratuits à essayer ici :

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