Dear member,

Are you aware of this feeling when you KNOW you must take some time for yourself but automatically wipe the thought away, forgetting it as quickly as it came? Well, it happens to all of us. We’re caught in our hectic lifestyles that dictate the pace of our lives, often ignoring our need for a few minutes or hours to reconnect to our inner self and recharge our batteries.

‘How could we take such a moment considering the crazy pace a lot of us live at!?’ – I hear you say.

Well, many conversations and interviews we had with both customers and experts have led to one major fact: taking some time for yourself is a way of life, a self-discipline, meaning it’s down to you to act upon this feeling/urge and hit ‘pause’ for a moment, and enjoy the break fully.


You can start with easy exercises and thoughts.

Easy step nb 1 : Practice focusing on the present. Have you ever tried it? Simply enjoy the little things that make you smile and feel grateful; watch Nature’s wonders, sky and clouds, flying birds, sun beams, admire some architecture around you, let mouthwatering smells of a boulangerie take your senses on a journey and so on.

Easy step nb 2 : Take a deep breath (or two)! Long and deep repeated breaths have proven to be very efficient in releasing tensions. You can do it at home, in your shower, before bedtime, at work…wherever really!

Meditation is another common practice you can adopt. Most people often wrongly think meditation means turning off your mind and all your thoughts when it’s actually the opposite; the aim is to mindfully accept all thoughts and emotions without judgement, letting them come and go freely and embracing them.
You might not manage to do that from the first attempt but don’t worry, it’s normal. Meditation is a mean of wellbeing and relaxation, not frustration!

Taking care of yourself should be a pleasure not a burden.

How To Spa was created around this statement, which is why our tutorials and relaxation kits are all carefully designed around spa rituals and experts’ techniques to safely guide you through a pleasant relaxing moment.
Each of our tutorials starts with the following fundamental tip “It’s OK if you don’t manage to follow this guide from start to finish, because of a lack of time or space or habit. Listen to your body and desires and embrace your feelings.”
The aim is to find the right balance between what your needs are and what you can do to answer these needs as much as you can manage with what you have.


Why not start now? Listen to your body and hit ‘pause’ for a few minutes 🙂

A lovely day to all !