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Article massage Futures Mamans et bébé

Dear readers,


Did you know that there’s a whole world behind mums-to-be and babies’ wellbeing?


  • The Mum-To-Be massage

An increasing number of spas and wellbeing institutes offer specific massages tailored to pregnant women. You can enjoy them either lying down on your side with a cushion between your legs, or simply sitting, or sometimes lying face-down on a massage table especially designed to accommodate your belly. These specific massages are designed to help ease lower back pain, relieve swollen legs or reduce fatigue when pregnant.
These are well deserved and much needed relaxing moments for both baby and mum-to-be. What makes mum relaxed will have a soothing effect on baby.

Here are some tried and tested spas approved by our team in Paris :


Try the ‘cocooning feel’ at Six Senses Spa

For a smaller budget, try the Thémaé Spa

For the ultimate pleasure, treat yourself to a massage at the George V Spa or the Mandarin Oriental Spa




  • Massage your baby

After giving birth, you can stay in your relaxing bubble by massaging your baby. Beyond the soothing effect of massage and the benefits of a pleasant moment together, you will find many health benefits in massaging your little one, helping them with tummy aches or improving their muscle tone. Many brilliant books cover the subject; we like « Baby Touch: Massage and Reflexology for Babies and Children by Wendy Kavanagh » for example.You can also take your baby to a children’s osteopath, they will help release any strains from pregnancy and birth.


Our favorite brand :

We highly recommend Skinhaptics products for you and your baby. These organic preservative-free skincare products are recommended by many midwifes and birth centers. They are ideal for your daily skin-care routine or for massages, that’s why you can find their massage oils in many spas in Paris for example (Six Senses and many others).
Most Skinhaptics products are designed for the whole family; shower gel, shampoo, massage oils, face cleanser, face cream and oils equally.
Cotton, plum and sunflower cold pressed oils are the main ingredients, giving every Skinhaptic product a delicate scent made for sharing with you (little) loved ones!
Last but not least (and certainly our favourite!), Skinhaptics goes one step forward, offering online baby massage tutorials as well as a well-thought easy-to-use baby carrier scarf.

To know more:


You like what you read? Go and treat yourself and baby to a delightful moment!

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