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Dear How To Spa members,

This week we interview Pauline, a personal fitness and yoga coach who also works in some of the most prestigious spas like the Ritz Hotel and Spa in Paris. She introduces us to her work and talks about her passion and motivation.
Her views and advice will help you find your wellbeing routine.



” Hi Pauline,DSC_0068

Thank you for taking some time out to talk to our members. How To Spa regular interviews are a great way for us of letting wellbeing experts speak. Our readers will love to read about your job and recommendations.



Give us a bit of background on how it all started.

‘I’ve been passionate about sports from a very young age! I naturally turned to coaching as it combines sports and contact with people.
In 2010, I started private coaching with a number of celebrities in a slimming institute on the Champs Elysées in Paris.
Once I finished my training and gained my fitness qualification, I started working as a fitness instructor at the Club Med Gym company. After 4 years, I decided to work full time as a personal private coach.
Later, I attended a Yoga course in India to become a yoga instructor. An experience of a lifetime!
My experience and the skills I gained along the way have led me to my current position at the Ritz Hotel Spa in Paris, where I share my time between personal tailored coaching and Therapeutic Yoga classes. I feel very much fulfilled in this new role!’


You’re now working in a very prestigious institution, what does it bring to your career as a coach?

‘It’s a privilege to see my expertise trusted here! Besides, it’s a great opportunity to put my meticulous mind to good use; here, every little detail counts to give our clients the unique experience they deserve. Moreover, working in a Hotel environment is an invaluable experience.’


What do you offer to your clients as a home fitness & yoga coach?

‘I can cover a wide range of fitness needs such as muscle building with small implements (TRX, boxing, weights, resitance bands etc.), cardio training or yoga for posture work, balance flexibility and joint health.
No matter the gender, age or level of fitness, I tailor my advice to them, so I listen to my clients’ needs and guide them through the relevant exercise while always keeping motivation on track.
The first taster session is designed to assess the person’s level of fitness through specific moves and discuss their likes and dislikes as well as their lifestyle and goals in order to set up the best tailored fitness plan for them.’


Tell us a bit more about yoga and its many benefits. You’ve been trained by some of the best teachers in India, how was this experience?

‘Yoga is an ancient wellbeing art. It has so many benefits on both body and mind! This is why it’s increasingly popular around the world.
Yoga came to me as an answer to a series of sports injuries due to intense training. I found yoga to be a great way of taking care of my body while keeping fit. It can heal as well as prevent injuries. I wanted to be able to help others benefit from yoga and thought the best way to do so was to be a yoga teacher myself! What better place than India, the birthplace of this art to train?
I turned to Gerard Arnaud, a Vinyasa yoga pioneer who is well known in France.
This course and my determination allowed me to considerably deepen my understanding of yoga and gain further experience that I was able to share back in France through my own yoga classes.’


Is there any advice you would like to share with How To Spa readers to guide them through their wellbeing journey? What kind of activity would you recommend to help them feel good about their body and mind? How and when? How often?

‘Everyone should find their own balance. I often meet people who start exercising because they feel they have to; it is important you find an activity you enjoy and like. Exercising shouldn’t be a chore!
Leading a healthy lifestyle is a key element of wellbeing; it creates a virtuous circle where good leads to good!
I would recommend you exercise at least 3 times a week if you can. Pick and choose from muscle building, cardio training and yoga, depending on your weekly schedule.
A personal coach will help you get the best results and exercise safely, preventing any injuries.
Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, on your own or with friends, whatever your age, just get moving! It’s a good start.
Give your body and mind the time they deserve for a healthy life. Also, listen to your body signals; safe practice is important.


Thank you How To Spa readers and thank you How To Spa for this new collaboration.

See you soon.’
Pauline Fitness & Yoga Coach “



For more info:

You can contact Pauline for a private lesson or to organise a class at your local spa: ou au + 33 (0) 6 62 37 82 16

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