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Hello dear readers,

I am dedicating this article to the team behind our videos shooting, so read on and meet our fantastic team!

Creating How To Spa was for me a way to create a wellbeing environment accessible to all. I fell in love with this world years ago and I wanted to create something unique.
People around me would often tell me they where after a convenient and efficient way to help them relax and regather during a suitable time in their day or week.
Having worked in the spa world for several years, I witnessed how beneficial spas and wellbeing centres can be to people, so why not offer a way of getting similar results at home, on your travels, at work or in public transport? You can create this cosy and relaxing environment thanks to expert advice, a selection of ethical products and tips.
How To Spa started with a range of 15 online tutorials leaflets, and recently developed video tutorials, in both French and English, to give you all the guidance you need for a “spa at home” session.

These tutorials are packed with advice, self-massage guidance, recommended products etc. to help you make the most of your How To Spa experience and enjoy a prestigious spa session whenever and wherever you are.

You might wonder who the experts behind the scenes are, so keep reading!


The location: the Free Persephone spa

free persephone


In the centre of Paris, you can enjoy a cosy Parisian tea room atmosphere at the Free Persephone spa. This urban spa is popular for the pedicures and manicures that customers can enjoy in the lovely tea room, and also offer face and body massages. This place is an absolute happiness temple!
I discovered the Free Persephone spa a few months before I launched How To Spa, and I met Lauren, the founder, and her team. We stayed in contact ever since and her institute was the perfect location for our video shoot. Lauren is a fantastic host and her team made the shooting session an absolute dream.

More info on :



The model: Fabienne, spa consultant and massage protocols designer


How To Spa has worked in partnership with Fabienne Crocq from the beginnings. We met through Thiphaine Modeste, former spa manager at Thémae (She now runs a spa management consulting business, ESBE). Meeting Fabienne was for me a highlight in my spa management career; she’s so talented and her massage protocols are truly unique. Fabienne worked for some of the most prestigious institutes, including Cinq Mondes and Thémae. She designed unique self-massage routines tailored to How To Spa’s work and values. Her expertise and high spirits have brought so much to How To Spa. That’s why she was the obvious model choice for our videos.
Fabienne is a self employed trainer and consultant, currently working with another of our partners, Vinésime.

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The video shoot and production team: Zéro Six agency

agence zero six


Thanks to Fabienne Crocq (again!), I met the Zéro Six team, a video production agency who worked with notorious companies including French national TV “France 2”.
The Zéro Six team made our video shooting day an enjoyable moment. Thanks to their expertise, efficiency and creativity, the How To Spa videos are amazing!
We are very grateful for all the work they’ve done.

You can follow the team on facebook:




An entrepreneur following her dreams; me, Maud



I founded How To Spa listening to my heart and dreams. I put my doubts aside and decided to just go for it! This video shoot day was a perfect example of what I wish to achieve: gather up a team of people with various skills to create together a service that aims at helping people feel good.

I hope you will enjoy the work we do and that your How To Spa experience will leave you revitalised.





Have a lovely relaxation moment!


Note: don’t miss out on our special launching offer; the first 200 clients will receive a Vinésime travel size body oil (15ml). 😉

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