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Dear How To Spa reader,

Our aim is to look after your global wellbeing. So this week, we focus on your home interior, exploring some ideas and styles to help you turn your home into a well-balanced relaxation haven.
With a couple of great ideas, you can recreate at home the warm welcoming and soothing atmosphere of the most prestigious spas.

We’ve selected ten bloggers for you to get inspired. Some are simply style fans while others are professional designers, or have their own brand and store, but all have heaps of wonderful inspiring ideas to help you bring the much needed calm and harmony to your interior.
Whether you like cosy, eclectic or world influenced styles, check out these blogs for tips and inspiration.


Hanne Rom Havaas

This Swedish blogger loves sharing life thoughts and pictures of her interior through aesthetic inspiring posts.

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Carol Obbes

Carol’s favourite colour must be white and her favourite material definitely wood! That’s what you’ll find on her blog; pretty and cosy combinations of white shades and wood items.

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Amber Lewis

This American blogger has developed her own brand, ‘Amber Interiors’, and regularly posts pictures of her stunning designs on her blog.

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Megan Schlachtenhaufen

Megan is a DIY addict whose lovely worldwide influenced designs and set-ups will surely give you ideas!
She also has a blog dedicated to more than just design;

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This New York mum’s interiors inspiration will please the ‘eclectic fan’ eye.

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Erin is an interior designer and has her own brand and shop, ‘Cotton Stem’.

You can explore her vintage style designs on :


Céline Michaux

Celine is a French interior designer from Lyon.
She has a thing for clean minimalistic designs, making them the perfect style for a cocooning feel, hence the name of her brand, ‘White Cocooning’.
You’ll find plenty of little gems for your own creations.

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Cassie Daughtrey

‘Savy Seattle’ co-founder Cassie beautifully combines items from around the world and vegetation to give a fresh lively look to the houses she redecorates.

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Léna Smirnova

From private homes to chic restaurants, this Parisian interior designer’s work is the perfect combination of chic and cosy.

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Jaci Hodge

Jaci is a DIY guru! She regularly shares her ideas and designs for an aesthetic cocooning/vintage style.

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