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Dear How To Spa readers,

You might have noticed that in all our relaxation guides, among the products we recommend for a great relaxing moment, we often suggest scented candles, mists, home perfumes and other scented cosmetics. All these items were picked with care to offer you the best of any result you’re after; relaxing, energising, detox. The reason behind it is that your sense of smell has a major role to play in your relaxation, just like your other 4 senses. Awakening the five senses is the key to a true spa treatment or therapy.

There is a scientific explanation behind it; neuroscientists have demonstrated a close link between our sense of smell and our emotions. Patty Canac, a perfume expert, has been working on the subject for several years now, in partnership with medical and health experts. Together they designed a healing therapy for patients with speech and memory disorders, based on olfactotherapy (A therapy using the sense of smell).

Some flowers and citrus fruits such as lavender, bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang, vanilla, Jasmin and lotus are commonly used for their soothing effect.
Some stronger or spicier scents, often referred to as more ‘masculine’, can have an invigorating effect, such as ginger, cinnamon, oud wood or scots pine.
Some other scents have a true detox effect on your body and mind. Lemon, Sage, verbena, pepper mint and juniper are commonly used.


Here’s a list of our top favourite products, a good start for you to try:

The ‘eau de Bengalore’ from Cinq Mondes

If you want to experience deep relaxation before you go to sleep, this Bangalore Ritual mist from Cinq Mondes is what you need. We’ve rarely experienced such a pleasant effect on the mind. As a result, all the tensions accumulated in your temples, eyes and neck disappear thanks to this comforting and soothing smells of vanilla and cardamom.

Available here:


The ‘gelée de douche exfoliante Pitanga’ from Natura Brasil

This gentle exfoliating shower gel is the ideal companion for an energising daily shower. Using the self-massage movements you can find in our tutorials, you will truly enjoy the refreshing smell of Pitanga, a tropical plant of Brazil.

Available here:


The Inner Strength Roller Ball from Aromatherapy Associates

This is a great product to help you relax and get rid of negative thoughts. Specially formulated with a base of sage and frankincense, it will soothe your mind and boost your positive attitude!

Available here:



Now sit back and let these rejuvenating scents work their magic !

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