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Hello dear reader,

If you had a look at our relaxation guides your maybe noticed we often suggest enjoying a hot drink after a self-massage to slowly and smoothly reconnect with the world. Herbal tea (or tisane) is a great caffeine- free option.

Chic Des Plantes

How To Spa has recently discovered Chic Des Plantes a French infusions brand launched in 2015.
We first heard about Chic Des Plantes while talking to other fellow spa managers about new products. How To Spa decided to explore their world and share the experience with you! We had the opportunity to interview Corinne Lacoste, the founder of the brand, and taste some of her tisanes.

Chic Des Plantes has a traditional ‘ready to use’ infusions range, and a ‘do it yourself’ range.

The first range offers 11 different blends, with evocative names. The teabags are made of eco-friendly starch based material and the packaging is mainly recycled plastic.
We couldn’t resist trying the Belle Plante (literally ‘beautiful plant’), a rose flower relaxing tisane.

The DIY range offers 8 ‘essentials’: strawberry, ginger, apple, lime, hibiscus… They’re all high quality products. The delicate taste of each ingredient is kept intact thanks to a slow dehydration process rather than the harsh drying process sometimes used. That way, when you mix your chosen plants and leave them to brew in hot water (not boiling!) for about 10 minutes, the flavours are released again and you can enjoy them!
We couldn’t resist mixing apple and ginger for our DIY experience. Simply delicious!

The latest Chic Des Plantes creation is their plant based broths range; you can use them simply as a hot drink adding just hot water, or like a stock for cooking. With your purchase you get a recipe booklet to explore this new born in the world of quality dried plants!

You’ll find plenty of tips and recipes on the Chic Des Plants website that you can check anytime for DIY inspiration.

You can become a Chic Des Plants member and get teabags delivered to your door in beautiful bags.
If you’re a spa professional, this new brand can bring style and eco-friendly spirit to your spa, a welcomed little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Let’s taste and enjoy!

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