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Because How To Spa cares about you and our planet, we try and test the best of natural cosmetics brands that are committed to ethical and eco-friendly practices. You’ll find details on our selections in our articles and products suggestions in our relaxation guides. Our work allows us to explore new places, meet very interesting and passionate people, which can lead to professional collaboration. We look for new products and brands to guide you in the world of quality spa-like relaxation at home. Today, we are pleased to share with you our newest find: Vinésime.
Go and explore their website and check the selection of our favourite products at the end of this article!


Our Vinésime experience

Fabienne Crocq, our spa expert partner, first introduced us to Vinésime.
After looking up their website and discussing with the founder, Edouard Damidot, How To Spa had to share this gem with you dear readers!
Vinésime is a spa and cosmetics brand from the Burgundy region in France. We loved the authentic spirit and the story behind this quality brand.
The Burgundy Region has always been famous for its prestigious wines. In 2015, Vinésime launched their first range of innovative cosmetics and spa treatments, revealing the other virtues of the Burgundy vines.

The partnership between Edouard Damidot, who revived his family’s fruit farm history and Bernard Bouvier, winegrower and winemaker in Gevrey-Chambertin, gave birth to this unique range of high quality natural face and body cosmetics, specially designed for spas. The secrets behind Vinésime products efficiency are the anti-oxidant properties of organic blackcurrant buds extract and the cell regenerating properties of organic Pinot noir wine.
As well as developing a range of products, Vinésime worked closely with spa experts to offer a range of unique massage treatments.
Vinésime creators highly value local terroir, natural heritage and knowledge.

We love their spirit! Their innovative and efficient products are a welcomed fresh addition to the cosmetics market.
Vinésime tackled the international market first but is now more and more present on the French scene; you can find them in several spas of the Relais & Châteaux network.

More info here:


Our two favourites:

Sensuelle Volupté Body Oil

This moisturising body, face and hair massage oil leaves your skin both firm and supple, and leaves a pleasant blackcurrant and grape fragrance behind.

Available here:é.html


Pulpe Exquise Face Scrub

This face and cleavage gentle exfoliating scrub leaves your skin moisturised, plumped up and radiant. We love its innovative texture; first it feels like a melting gel, then turns into a nice oily texture for maximum application comfort and finally leaves a fresh milky feel behind.

Available here:

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