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Dear readers,

How To Spa regularly seeks inspiration in the world of spirituality; meditation, better-living, reconnecting to one’s self and to those around us, positive thinking and self-acceptance.
We follow this inspiring spiritual path every day, meeting fellow thinkers on the way; this new article is about six of them we particularly love.
They offer boxes, jewelery, decoration and cosmetics. Read on and find out more about them.



Spiritual Box

This original brand was launched in 2017, offering a monthly supply of 100% natural and hand made products to help you lead a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. You’ll find accessories, clothing, healthy food and so much more. The brand is committed to helping you be more mindful and fully enjoy the present.
We love the fact that they also offer a range of wellbeing and wellness practice plans, such as yoga, meditation, art therapy etc.

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Karma box

We love the concept of this beautiful brand!
Sophie Keller is an astrologer and will tailor your box to your astral theme. She will provide you with the right advice and tools to help you lead a more positive life. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s a lovely intention with a positive karma!

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L’arbre des chakras (The chakchras’ tree)

This online shop offers a wide range of beautiful jewelery and decoration items for a spiritual and zen interior.
You’ll find fine bracelets and pendants as well as keyrings, tibetan bowls, fabric wall hangings, lights etc.
Everything you need for a modern, healthy and positive environment is here!

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Allure Zen

Be sure to find something you like on this other top notch online shop! They have an extensive range of fine jewelery (rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings etc.) as well as a nice selection of decoration items and yoga acessories.
We love their “Mâlâ Tibetan” bracelets, or praying beads, used in the bouddhist and hindou tradition while chanting meditation mantras.

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Inner Light

What appealed to us first in this lovely brand is their authentic and passionate approach. They offer healthy products to help you take good care of yourself; a unique range of body, face and hair products.
Inner Light also offers infra red sauna sessions that help the body relax and get rid of toxins.

Our Inner Light favourite is their “Dream box” wih products designed to help you get a more restorative sleep

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The Night Sky

The Night Sky gives you the opportunity to create your very own “night sky” on a chosen location and date. The Night Sky team provides you with a map of your sky, beautifully designed and showing fine details, some of which you can choose (colours, meridians or not, added text etc.).
Stay grounded but aim for the stars for a lovely present!

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