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Dear How To Spa readers,

We would love to introduce you to 3 of our new favourite brands. They share our values and you’ll soon find them suggested in our relaxation guides.
Home, design, cosmetics; explore their worlds and discover the stories behind. If you wish, try our selection of products for a real treat.


Kerzon, delicately scented natural home and body products

We discovered Kerzon while looking up a professional online network. An article mentioning the opening of their Paris boutique intrigued us. We loved the look and design of the products on their website and the whole thing made us want to contact them and know more about their story and concept.

Kerzon was founded in 2013 by two passionate brothers, Pierre-Alexis and Etienne Delaplace. Their natural home and body products are inspired by both the beloved home region of the founders, Brittany, and their travels around the Mediterranean and Paris. This provides them with a wide panel of inspiring scents for their unique and delicate products.
They think of their creation process as a « material crafting» process. “Each fragrance is a work of art, delicately crafted to reach the perfect note that will ravish anyone who tries it. ”

All their products ranges are thought as collections; candles, mists, laundry products and soaps.
Our favourite of the lot is the Fleur Bleu Mist (Blue Flower Mist). A subtle combination of Maillette lavender, Italian bergamot, vetiver and white musk that will give your linens a nice fresh and clean smell.

Explore the Kerzon world a bit more here:


Whole, eco-friendly designer linens

The day we discovered Whole was our lucky day! We were leaving a niche brands exhibit when we walked past their boutique in Paris. We loved the display in the window, the pastel colours, the designs; we simply couldn’t resist walking in! What a surprise it was! Throws, cushions and bed linens nicely placed here and there around the shop and an old fashioned loom standing proudly in the room made a great impression. At the back of the shop, we were shown the so called ‘kitchen’ or ‘dye lab’ where they dye their fabrics using natural dyes.

Despite an English name, Whole is a French brand committed to eco-friendly and local practices. The name says it all, as WHOLE stands for:

Founded in 2013 by Aurelia Wolff, this eco-friendly company has a textile design studio where they dye the fabrics using traditional techniques and 100% natural dyes made from dried plants and plant extracts. The fabrics are eco-friendly and most of them organic.
To get a bit further beyond the environment-friendly spirit, Whole created an open-source natural dye tank, with the FabLab concept spirit and contributes to a knowledge sharing community.

We had a crush on this Whole cushion, maybe you will too!

More Whole stories:


KOS, authentic cosmetics for an ideal ‘spa at home’ moment

We discovered KOS a couple of years ago in a spa magazine. The brand has been in constant evolution since, becoming more and more succesful thanks to the unique, authentic and natural cosmetics they offer.

You can find KOS products in many of the most prestigious spas and spa-hotels. Their balms, exfoliants and oils perfectly combine pleasure and relaxation. You’ll find they are ideal for a ‘spa at home’ experience. Have a look at our relaxation guides and you’ll notice some of the KOS products we suggest.
The ingredients KOS uses are all organic, carefully selected for their efficiency and sourced worldwide. This search for the best gave birth to fantastic products such as the Elixir des légendes, a prickly pear seeds oil from North Africa, the Babassu butter from Amazonia and a Beauty oil made of south west China’s green tea extract.
Our favourite; the Dawn Garden body and hair oil

To know more about KOS, go to

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