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Dear How To Spa members,

Our mission is to give you the best advice for your very special relaxation sessions.
In this article you’ll find our selection of relaxing musics, ideal for an ambiance music while unwinding.
In most spas, music will be played while you’re having your treatment. You might be offered to chose the type of music you want (zen nature, jazz, world music, soft electro etc.). Some spas even allow you to bring your very own playlist.
How To Spa has put together a selection of musics we like for you to try so that you can find the music that suits your needs for the best of relaxation moments. Whether you’re at home, on holidays or at work, find the music you need!


For a deep relaxation

Reiki Music

Reiki is a traditional massage technique from Japan, created by Mikao Usui in 1922.
Usui’s aim was to bring peace to both body and mind through massage. ‘Rei’ means ‘mind’ while ‘Ki’ means ‘energy’. The reiki movements help you find and grow your mind’s strength.
Reiki music follows the same principles; it is well known in the spa world for the deep relaxing effect is has on both body and mind.

This music is specifically designed to be played during reiki massage sessions but can be used for other treatments. The reiki music is a beautiful mix of piano tunes, cello, guitar, Tibetan bowl and traditional Asian flute. The music compositions were found to help improve and speed up natural healing and recovery processes. Also, listeners found it helps rebalance both body and mind. Reiki music action is beneficial on many different levels; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Download some Reiki music here:


Sound vibrations and Chakras

How To Spa discovered this special type of music arrangement thanks to Francisco Marti, a relaxation music expert.
Marti has been a professional musician and composer for 25 years. He specialises in wind instruments. He experienced the relaxing effect of certain sound vibrations and decided to explore this area further. This very special album he composed is the result of his dedicated work. World music meets soothing vibrations and magic happens!

In fact, it’s not exactly magic; the music, rhythm and vibrations are linked to the 7 chakras of the body described in the hindou tradition. ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. The 7 chakras represent the 7 energy centres of the body, located alongside the spine. Each chakra is related to an organ or area of the body and to the emotions linked to this area. That’s why acting on the chakras has an effect on both physical and psychological levels. Traditionally, each chakra is associated with a body organ, a colour, an emotion and a vibration type.
Now you can understand better why reiki music has such a beneficial effect on both physical and spiritual health.

Download his album here:

For an energy boosting effect

The following suggestions can be ideal for your energy boosting ‘spa at home’ session.
You’ll often hear this type of music in prestigious spas and institutes while having an invigorating treatment.

Download some Smooth Jazz here :
Download some Smooth Lounge here:


For a body and mind detox

The album we selected here has been especially designed to be the perfect soundtrack for a detox massage session.
If you want to get rid of the accumulated toxins in your body, this is the music you need.

Try this album:



Enjoy listening to it all!

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