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Hello dear members,

We had the honour to try and test for you a brand we adore: Cinq Mondes (Five Worlds). This French brand is a pioneer in the Spa world since 2000. Their concept and products are inspired by beauty rituals from around the world. Your Spa experience with Cinq Mondes will take your senses on a voyage! Three words come to our mind: voluptuous, natural and efficient.



The Imperial Massage at the Cinq Mondes Spa

How To Spa was lucky enough to try the Cinq Mondes Spa in Paris. The premises were recently renovated and modernised, but still in line with the original world travel spirit. The Spa offers a panel of face treatments or body massages, all inspired by beauty rituals from around the world; Indonesia, Japan, Morocco…

I couldn’t resist the Imperial Massage.

I’m so passionate about massages that I became a bit of an addict. I knew of the relaxing massage, the deep tissue massage, the Ayurvedic techniques, the Balinese ones etc. but in all the massage experiences I had and articles I’ve read, I’ve never came across such an appealing description for a massage: ‘A unique body care ritual, both soothing and energising, inspired by the art of touch. Make the most of this technique, focusing on specific reflex areas of hands, feet, neck and trapeziums. A true Imperial treatment!’
I’ve tried reflexology massages before, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how relaxing it could be to just focus on your feet. We don’t realise how our feet and hands absorb tensions brought by the busy and stressful lifestyles we lead. The Imperial Massage focuses on both arms and legs rather than the back, like many other relaxing massages do. I simply couldn’t resist trying it!

A warm welcome made me feel comfortable straight away. The massage must be tailored to the customer, therefore, a thorough questionnaire is given to me to best fit the massage to my needs.Before I can get comfortable and change clothes, the expert masseuse, Maud, explains to me the different steps of the ritual. Five minutes later, the dream starts…
To start with, you’re lying on your back, and then on your side (one side then the other). The massage table feels like a cocoon; it’s warm and very comfortable. I notice something I haven’t experienced before: both feet and head are slightly raised so that your whole body makes a flat ‘V’ shape. I am told it makes it more comfortable to lie for a massage than completely flat. Some smooth music playing in the background is the finishing touch to this relaxing atmosphere.

The massage balm used is very soothing. The Cinq Mondes balms feel very soft to the touch and their fragrances are so pleasant, almost addictive!
The Imperial Massage focuses on your arms, legs, neck and trapeziums. First, oshiboris (warm towels) are placed on my feet and hands; this Japanese ritual is the first step to any professional Spa massage. The heart of the massage is made of generous and soothing movements that take care of your feet, calves, upper leg and then hand, arm, shoulder (on both sides). Later, a neck and head massage take you far away from your stressful and busy life! The end of the massage focuses on the tensions that build up in the shoulder area. For this step, you are invited to sit on the side of the massage bed to allow a deeper massage.
Finally, a chosen body mist from the Cinq Mondes selection spreads relaxing fragrances in the room and on your body, for a true moment of pleasure.
After almost an hour of massage, I feel incredibly relaxed and refocused. The tensions I had when I came in are now gone and my batteries are recharged!
Before you go back to the hustle and bustle of busy Paris, you are offered a hot drink to enjoy and a list of recommended products. You can take all the time you need to reconnect with the outside world.

I highly recommend this Parisian Urban Spa!
The great professional massage I tried is good value for money, the Imperial Massage is 100€ for 50 min, 150€ for 80 min.

Note: How To Spa loves the Cinq Mondes massage discovery box, with small size massage oils to try and a self-massage booklet for you to relax at home.

Adress : 6 Square de l’Opéra-Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris



Products tested and approved by the How To Spa team that you can use for self-massages

In our tutorials you will always find some recommended products adapted to the massage and type of result you’re after (cocooning, detox or energy boosting). Here’s a selection of our favourite Cinq Mondes’ products.


For our body self-massages

Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm, Beauty Ritual from Siam (Baume Fondant aux Noix Tropicales)

This balm is not only a very good massage balm but also ultra-nourishing. It is highly efficient on very dry parts of the body such as hands, feet and elbows. Also, it gives your skin a radiant glow. This balm contains Tamaru oil, coconut oil and bee wax, which gives it a delicate lemon fragrance.
We love the texture; solid at first, it melts into a delicate oil texture on contact with your skin.

You can find it here:


Sumptuous dry body oil, Beauty Ritual from the Atlas, Morocco (Huile Somptueuse de l’Orient)

This nourishing dry oil gives your skin radiance and suppleness. It is ideal for a body self-massage as it’s easy to use and quickly absorbed.
This balm contain argan oil and leaves a long lasting delightful scent behind.

You can find it here:


For our face self-massages

Rich Cream of Youth, Beauty Ritual from Beijing, China (Crème Riche de Jeunesse)

This nourishing cream works like wonders to plump your skin. It will make your skin look radiant, revitalised and younger while relaxing by massaging your face.
We love the natural ingredients Cinq Mondes uses; the organic ginseng is a natural toner, and the lotus flower, one of the oldest flower on earth, hydrates the skin.
The voluptuous texture leaves a fresh feeling behind when applied.

You can find it here:


Pillow mists

Egyptian Water, Beauty Ritual from Louxor, Egypt (Eau Egyptienne)

In our tutorials, we often recommend to use a pillow mist for a relaxing sleep after a self-massage ritual. There aren’t many quality products on the market that truly act on both body and mind. Be sure to find some at Cinq Mondes!
We’ve been swearing by mist waters for many years now, and we highly recommend this Egyptian Water; a spicy hint of cumin, a fresh minty fragrance, a subtle floral touch of lotus and jasmine and the voluptuous scents of the frankincense and myrrh. We love it!

You can find it here:


For a cleansing beauty ritual from Indonesia

How To Spa recommends these two innovative products for an exotic cleansing experience:

Flower Cleansing Balm, Beauty Ritual from Bali, Indonesia (Pâte de Fleurs)

This cleansing balm is like no other! We love the smooth texture, very relaxing and soothing, as well as the sweet fragrance that mango, passion fruit, gardenia and white lily bring.

You can find it here:


Phyto-peeling lotion, Beauty Ritual from Bali, Indonesia (Lotion Phyto Peeling)

This lotion is the perfect finishing touch to your cleansing ritual. It’s alcohol free for a gentle cleansing. Also, it has an ‘ice cube effect’, which improves your blood flow and gives your skin a radiant glow.

You can find it here:

This both cocooning and invigorating ritual reminds us of the cold shower ritual after a hammam or sauna session, renowned for the long-lasting relaxation they bring you and their positive effect on the blood flow.

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