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The end of the ready to wear Fashion Week in Paris is the opportunity for us to share some of our findings in the world of ethical clothing.
Here’s a selection of our favourite brands. We often recommend some of their comfortable and cosy pieces of clothing in our self-massage tutorials, such as scarves, shawls, jumpers, socks, pyjamas etc.

Explore their websites for a fabulous ethical wardrobe!

BrainTree Clothing, recently renamed We Are Thought

This thoughtful clothing brand was born in Australia in 1995. Their fabrics are made of natural or recycled materials, made sustainably through eco-friendly processes.
This brand promotes slow fashion and works closely with producers and designers who share their ethical vision.

Have a look at our selection of We Are Thought scarves and socks, ideal for our relaxation tutorials: &

People Tree

Founded over 25 years ago, this beautiful English brand is recognised as a pioneer in the ethical fashion world.
People Tree contributes to creating new fair work opportunities with traditional producers and artisans in rural areas in countries such as India and Bangladesh. Their aim is also to develop a new global market for people who usually feel like they can’t afford such a thoughtful fashion.
You can find all the basics of ready to wear fashion at People Tree; trousers, tops, jumpers etc.

Have a look at our selection of pyjamas to get comfortable for your next How To Spa relaxation session:


We simply adore this American brand! It offers a wide range of beautiful items and fine designs.
This brand has a global ethical and eco-friendly philosophy. They don’t use any harmful or toxic chemicals in the production processes and all the materials used are natural. Also, their most important commitment is to work with traditional producers cooperatives through sustainable and fair partnerships, for example in Peru.

Have a look at our selection of Indigenous jumpers perfect for your next How To Spa relaxation session:

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