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Cassandre GRIMON, Spa Manager at the Six Senses, The Westin Hotel, Paris, Vendôme

cassandreHello Cassandre. It is a great pleasure for How To Spa to interview the Manager of one of the greatest Spas in Paris. Thank you for having us today.

How To Spa offers relaxation guides and tutorials for its customers, to allow them to relax whenever and wherever they are with tailored advice and recommended cosmetics and accessories. The Spa sphere is our main inspiration and we’re always eager to tell our customers more about this wonderful world of wellbeing.

As the Manager of the Six Senses Spa, what can you tell us about the main expectations of your customers when they come to your Spa?

75% of the time, customers are after a good quality massage. I think quality is the main drive for them, and so it is for us! Our massage protocols have been carefully designed to respond specific needs, and we use various massage techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissues massage, Lomi Lomi, trigger points etc.

Also, most importantly, each customer is unique, and so we tailor the massage to their specific needs. I think what the customers find at Six Senses, is the high quality of a professional care combined to the respectful and warm welcome we always give them. That’s why they come back.

We always take the time for a chat and listen carefully to their needs and expectations. Also, our customers are after a real break from the stress of their daily routine, they need this time for themselves, disconnected from the outside world and reconnected to their inner world. The minimalist style of our premises and the calm and quiet atmosphere together with our holistic approach naturally satisfies this need.

You work with some of the greatest practitioners to be able to offer this quality care. How do you make sure you always provide equally exceptional service, year after year? What qualifications are you expecting from people you work with?

Well, first of all, the practitioners we work with have a natural gift. We spot that pretty quickly when we meet them, and that’s why we chose them. They are all passionate about their work and they love taking care of others. They already have an experience behind them when they start working with us.
Qualification wise, we have an in-house training program to teach them specific techniques and protocols, and we do regular refresher classes on ergonomics and breathing techniques for example. Also, we make sure they know how to elegantly interact with the customers.

In addition to the in-house training, we can send them to other training programs, often through our partner, Sothys, where they get the best professional training. For a durable service and quality, we make sure that all procedures are followed every day to the letter, which involves a lot of work. Our motivation is our customers’ satisfaction.

Your Spa has an environment-friendly and sustainable development approach. Which measures have you implemented to ensure your ‘eco-friendly Spa’ status?

That’s right, Nature is very important to us and we made it the centre of our Spa concept, you can see that from the entrance with our vegetated wall! We want to protect Nature, and that’s why we try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

We reduce our energy consumption to the bare minimum for example. We don’t have any sensory space, as they are greedy in water and power. We use as little paper as possible and we recycle it all. Our slippers and oshibori are made out of biodegradable material that we recycle. Our partners are French companies, as local as possible, and use sustainable chemistry for their products and cosmetics. We try and avoid the use of any plastic item as much as possible. The fruit we serve are all organic, and our honey comes from our own beehives nestled on the roof of our premises!

Nowadays, we feel like we live in such a hectic and stressful world that we need more and more relaxation and wellbeing moments in our lives. What do you think of the How To Spa concept in this context?

I think How To Spa is a great initiative! Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be optional. How To Spa allows anybody to have access to great professional advice, products and places details to get this relaxation moment you need. I’m looking forward to the website launching!

Tested and approved by our team, you can go to the Six Senses Spa and be sure to leave relaxed and feeling amazingly good.

More about the Six Senses:

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Their Best Seller:Six Senses have been offering a special pregnancy massage for a few years now. Their qualified practitioners and the high quality of the care have made this massage a very popular one.

Six Senses kept on working on this ‘mummy’ theme and have been offering an ‘after baby’ treatment for a few months now. It is designed to take good care of stretched skin and fatigue marks.

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