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Hello dear reader,

For the New Year, we are pleased to share with you some of the blogs we love, because they are full of great advice, tips and lifestyle trends. With their authentic stories, funny articles and ambitious dreams for everybody’s wellbeing, these bloggers girls are definitely worth reading! We would love you to enjoy their tips and high spirits.
Let How To Spa tell you more about them!

The Other Art Of Living

“This blog is dedicated to all of the things that help us improve our everyday life as well as to everyone who decides to live their life differently.”

Sophie shares her favourite things, her best tips and deals for a life full of surprises and excitement! She’s never short of energy. She shares her thoughts and tips on a wide range of topics; decoration, beauty, cooking, wellbeing… Go and explore this blog full of treasures. If like How To Spa you’re a fan of DIY, let Sophie give you some tips for great daily DIY projects.

The blog:
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Clean Beauty

We are building a modern beauty brand that makes natural and non-toxic beauty accessible. We believe that everyone can be empowered to take control of what they put on their skin.”

How To Spa is very enthusiastic about this blog: Elsie and Dominika are an beauty experts and their blog is full of advice and natural beauty recipes easy to make at home, as well as other DIY tutorials for a greener lifestyle.

The blog:
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Birds Of a Thread

“I’ve been interested in ethical, socially responsible fashion since college, and I’ve been shopping at thrift stores and refashioning hand-me-downs since I learned to walk (I love you, Mom). I’ve always wantedto design and sew my own clothing and further explore the fair trade, sustainable fashion movement.”

This blog is packed with great shopping ideas for a more responsible and ethical fashion style. This is a real favourite for How To Spa; elegant and poetic ethical beauty finds!

The blog:
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A Beautiful Mess

« We’re Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. We’re sisters. Together we own A Beautiful Mess, a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle.»

You won’t resist the bubbly communication of these 2 lovely sisters! Decoration for every room, recipes and lifestyle tips…let their happy-crazy-full of love- blog brighten your day!

The blog:
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Poppy Loves

« I am mostly found either zipping about reviewing lovely cafes, events, boutiques and other hidden gems around my gorgeous London »

At How To Spa, we have a thing for London. This blog was for us a real gem to find! Poppy shares tips, ideas and addresses on so many topics; cooking, fashion, beauty, design, travels and hotels. We love her Instagram feed full of beautiful pictures of London, with a touch of poetry.

The blog:
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