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In addition to great advice and tips, How To Spa works hard to recommend the best products for your relaxation rituals, so follow the guide!

Our team is pleased to introduce you to this ‘little known but very often used in Spa’ product; the shower oil.

Shower oil can be used instead of your usual shower gel; it cleanses just as well but has ultra moisturizing properties and relaxing virtues.

The moisturizing property of such oils has been used since Ancient times. You often find the same vegetable oils vitamin A and E rich that you find in body oils (argan, avocado, sweet almond, coconut…).

The virtues of shower oils are well known in the Spa circles. Usually, you will be offered such a product for your shower, before or after your spa treatment. Your daily routine shower turns into the ultimate relaxation moment! In most homes, hard water is not forgiving with your skin; you come out of your shower with this impression that your skin is dry, uncomfortable and even itchy. Shower oil is the rescue remedy. In addition to being kind to your skin, the oil base in such a product is very efficient for getting your skin rid of perspiration and pollution for example.

Shower oils are usually advertised for woman, but they’re far from being for women only. The various fragrances you can find can be for men or women or even mixed sex.

Switch your shower gel for the smooth texture and comforting scent of this unique spa product.

The How To Spa tried and tested favorites:

Rituals© is a cosmetics brand renowned for the range of relaxation and home products on offer. The Rituals’ shower oils are approved by our team; indulge in a moment of pleasure with one of these:

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