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The very origin of the spa concept, water (sanitam per acquam) is the key element of a holistic relaxation ritual.

This article will give you all the secrets of the bath ritual with the advice of our Spa expert, Fabienne Crocq.

Remember: when you’re in the water, your muscles relax easily which contributes to a great relaxation of both body and mind.

• Run a warm bath, throw in some Dead Sea salts and a few drops of essential oils
• Cover your hair with a towel.
• Put on a purifying or moisturizing face mask avoiding the eye area.
• Step into the warm bath.

Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the warmth for about 30 minutes…

• Then, leave the water and scrape off your mask with a warm and wet oshibori.

• Apply your favorite moisturizer on, softly massaging your face

Now, don’t neglect the post-bath moment; to make the most of it, lie down on your bed (or a comfortable sofa), put your feet up (literally!) and relax for about 20 minutes.
That’s the perfect bath ritual for you!

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