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Our mission is to help you relax wherever you are. Our relaxation guides are inspired by the best of spa expertise.

The How To Spa team helps you on a daily basis to bring the spa to where you are, but what if you had the opportunity to enjoy a real life spa? Expertise, high qualified staff and beautiful settings will make your experience unique. Once you’ve tasted it, it’s hard not to become an avid spa follower!

The spa world might be new to you. ‘What is it exactly?’ we hear you asking…take a few minutes of quiet for yourself, maybe a hot drink, and read on…

The word ‘Spa’ comes from the Latin ‘Samus Per Aqua’ which means ‘health through water’. The spa concept goes far back; the baths from the Ancient Greece and Rome times are very famous. They were briefly replaced by the ‘dry wash’ at the Renaissance time, but the concept has been in constant evolution. It was put within everyone’s reach in the United States in the 70s. The Asian and Oriental beauty rituals are also a big inspiration for the spa world, but the 1st Asian spa is very recent in comparison as it was created in the 90s.

Nowadays, the growing demand and constant urge for a daily wellbeing in our society drives a flourishing spa centers creation around the world.

This also allows a wider variety of spas to be offered to the customer in need of a stress release moment. Whatever your needs are, your preferred location or your budget, there is a spa for you./span>


You’ll find this type of spa in big towns and cities. It is adapted to the urban environment and available space. Usually, you’ll find there a few treatment rooms, changing rooms and lockers, a relaxation room and a sauna or hammam for some. The price in such spas is usually competitive.

Allow between 80 and 110€ for a 60 minute massage.

Some tried and tested places:
Paris: Thémaé • Six Senses: glione-paris
London: Ushvani


This type of spa is part of a hotel. For a long time, this type of spa was reserved for the use of the hotel customers, but it is more and more open to other users. They usually offer spacious settings, many treatment rooms, spacious changing rooms, relaxation rooms and saunas and hammams (mixed or for men only and women only), a pool…The price to pay for such a unique place is usually higher than the urban spa. Allow from 120€ (for 3 or 4 stars hotels) up to 200€ (for palaces) for a 60 minute massage. Check out their brunch or tea time offers to complement your relaxation moment.

Hotel spas are often ‘hidden’, so don’t be shy, pop into one of these beautiful places and ask the reception for the spa, you can even just have a look around. The hotel staff will always be there to assist you.

Some tried and tested places:
Paris: Six Senses • Shangri-La • Four Seasons • Peninsula • Dior Institut Londres: Rosewood
New York: Mandarin Oriental : spa/?htl=MONYC_spa&eng=google&src=local


This type of spa offers services based on a specific theme or product. Their treatments and benefits are unique. Often located in more rural areas, usually holiday spots, or weekend jaunts locations. Prices depend on the location but are usually very competitive.

Some tried and tested locations:

Spa Caudalie • Spa Pure Altitude!hotel-megeve/le-spa-pure-altitude


Whether it’s a sea side spa, or a rural spa town, these places are famous for the health benefits their water provides. Don’t hesitate to allow a few days for a spa therapy for best results

Some tried and tested locations:

Thalasso de Dinard • Station thermale La Roche Posay


If you’re lucky enough to go on a holiday trip in one of the dream locations in a resort, have a look at the spa there. The service provided is amazing and the staff and the offered rituals are usually local.

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