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Hello Everyone,

I’m pleased to share with you my most recent spa experience; the HinokiBo, a Japanese massage I’ve discovered recently.

The Hinokibo & Bloom Classic

This massage was born in Japan in 2007, inspired by several age-old techniques.
The HinokiBo can be done on the whole body, including the face, and offers a very unique experience: the masseur or masseuse uses a wooden ‘Bo’ (stick) made of ‘Hinoki’ (Japanese Cypress tree). The Bo is traditionally hand crafted by Japanese artisans in the Mastuyama province (Japan). The shape of the Bo allows a fine massage and a wide range of movements. The Cypress wood which it’s made of has natural antiseptic properties.

The HinokiBo is a Bloom Classic creation. This Japanese brand specialises in traditional Japanese rituals. I was welcomed in their premises in Paris by Rieko KITAJIMA, the director, who introduced me to the concept. Later, I enjoyed the face massage version, which was very relaxing. I felt my skin firmer and radiant after this unique Japanese ritual. The HinokiBo can also be tailored to help tone your body; it reduces the muscle tensions, helps natural drainage, sculpts your silhouette and leaves your skin toned and firmer.

The massage

Julia, the therapist, made sure I was comfortable on the massage bed, she slightly adjusted the tilt angle of the bed ends for my comfort (head and feet). A nice relaxing Japanese music took my senses to this beautiful country. Julia started by wiping my hands with warm oshiboris. My head was wrapped in a soft headband for maximum comfort.
Two products were used; the Power Tree HI gel to cleanse my face and the Power Tree finish oil for the massage.
The gel contains Indian Coleus root extract and Japanese Cypress essential oil, giving it cleansing, refreshing and antiseptic properties. The finish oil contains several natural vegetal oils with draining and firming properties. It has a very nice and refreshing grapefruit fragrance.
The cleansing gel is hand applied by the therapist while the oil is used with the Bo.
For the draining effect, the face massage focuses on the neck area where the carotids and lymph nodes are, while for the relaxing and toning effect, it focuses on the cheeks. The back and forth movements around the cheeks and forehead are the key to the firming and glow booster effect.
After 40 minutes of massage I felt very relaxed and I could see the effect in the mirror! I was impressed!

I was then left to reconnect slowly with the outside world. Before I left the place, I had a chance to discuss with the director, and I discovered the story behind this fabulous Japanese massage. I had the opportunity to see their cosmetics range which will be available to purchase in France next year.

Want to try ?

If you would like to enjoy this unique massage in Paris, go and book a session at the Molitor Spa in the 16th arrondissement. They work in close collaboration with the French cosmetics brand Clarins, and offer a great selection of quality treatments to which the HinokiBo was recently added. Spa Molitor :

Bloom Classic cosmetics and beauty institutes are very famous in Japan. The brand is entering the French market and looking for new opportunities in France. If you are a professional and are interested by their techniques and cosmetics, you can contact them on their French website for more info:

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